Marketing Perspective

(Editorial Office SDB, 2019)

An influencer that most of the world is aware of is Kim Kardashian – I used to watch “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” years ago and slowly grew away from it. I was always interested in how they lived, how they made their living and how closely connected their family is especially as adults. I don’t follow any influencers, so I don’t much about them only hearing about Logan Paul and the controversy surrounding him through my kids.

What I notice about this type of marketing is that the influencers are doing things in their videos that are fun and appeal to their target audience. The influencers also completely enjoy their job, unlike the majority of the workforce. It’s like the professional sport’s players getting to do something they love and get paid millions of dollars to do it. Companies that market this way are extremely smart because when kids watch a video of someone they look up to and see them featuring a product, it makes them want to go out and get one for themselves. By creating videos that contain products the influencers are not only helping the company sell products they are also helping themselves get more followers and make money all at the same time. The influencers are acting as the company’s living, breathing, and walking advertisement.

I believe using the influencer as a means to market and advertise their products creates trust between the company and the consumer. Sometimes I am skeptical to buy products online – more so since I ordered something online, the company took money out of my account and never shipped the product to me. I emailed multiple times and they responded by assuring me that it was coming, that it was just delayed because of Covid. If I followed influencers and I saw that they were marketing a certain product that I was interested in, I would probably feel more secure that it is a legit company to purchase from. If the influencer was marketing products as part of a scam then I can image that they would not fare well with followers and continue to have a future as an influencer.


Editorial Office SDB. (2019, December 15). Influencers. Retrieved from

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